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Down To Earth: 30 April 2023 (CORPORATE PAWNS) - Exam-Strategy
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Down To Earth: 30 April 2023 (CORPORATE PAWNS)




Looking for the latest edition of Down To Earth (DTE) magazine to stay updated on the environment and sustainability? Look no further than the April 30th, 2023 issue of DTE, now available for download on Exam Strategy.

This issue of DTE features an in-depth look at corporate pawns in the global sustainability movement. With corporations increasingly seeking to position themselves as eco-friendly, many are questioning whether these actions are simply performative or if they truly represent a meaningful shift towards sustainability. DTE explores this topic with a range of articles, interviews, and expert analysis.

In addition to its coverage of corporate sustainability, the April 30th issue of DTE features a range of other articles and features focused on the environment and sustainability. From an exploration of the impact of climate change on small-scale farmers in India to an analysis of the state of recycling in the United States, this issue of DTE is packed with valuable insights and information.

As always, DTE is committed to providing its readers with high-quality, independent journalism that sheds light on important environmental issues. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone who cares about the planet, you won’t want to miss this issue. Download the April 30th, 2023 edition of DTE today on Exam Strategy and stay informed about the latest developments in sustainability and the environment.


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