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PDF - Current Affairs 28 Feb 2020 | Today’s Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs - Exam-Strategy
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PDF – Current Affairs 28 Feb 2020 | Today’s Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs

Daily Current Affairs

Q1) Which country has become the first country in the world to make sanitary products free?

a) Scotland

b) England 

c) Northern Ireland 

d) Norway   

Q2) Who has been appointed the new Ambassador of India to France?

a) Philip barton

b) Javed Ashraf

c) Rishi sunak

d) Ajay Bisaria

Q3) The 5th edition of Indra Dhanush practice 2020 has started between India and which country?

a) Bangladesh

b) Sri Lanka

c) Britain

d) Japan

Q4) Who becomes the new MD / CEO of CIBIL?

a) Debashish Panda

b) Rajiv Bansal

c) Vinay Dubey

d) Rajesh Kumar

Q5) Maria Sharapova has announced her retirement from tennis, which country does she belong to?

a) USA 

b) Denmark

c) Russia

d) Spain

Q6) Which is the only Indian company included in Fortune’s TOP – 20 ‘Big Companies to Work For’ 2020 list?

a) TCS 



d) Reliance

Q7) Which cricketer will be awarded honorary citizenship by the Government of Pakistan?

a) Alyssa Perry

b) Ben stock

c) Darren Sammy

d) None of these

Q8) From which country in India decided to buy Sikorsky Romeo helicopter?

a) Russia

b) France

c) America

d) Japan 

Q9) Which smartphone company enabled India’s first 5G Launched smartphone?

a) Xiaomi

b) Real me 

c) Samsung 

d) Huawei 

Q10) Where was the meeting of Finance Minister and Central Bank Governance of G-20 countries held?

a) Tokyo

b) New Delhi

c) Riyadh

d) Abu Dhabi

Q11) When was World NGO Day celebrated?

a) 25 Feb 

b) 26 Feb

c) 27 Feb

d) 28 Feb

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