PDF - Current Affairs 13 March 2020 | Daily Current Affairs - Exam-Strategy PDF - Current Affairs 13 March 2020 | Daily Current Affairs - Exam-Strategy
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Current Affairs

PDF – Current Affairs 13 March 2020 | Today’s Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs

Daily Current Affairs

Q1) Who has been given additional charge of Director General of BSF?

a) Vivek Johri

b) SS Deshwal

c) SK Srivastava

d) Nupur kulshrestha

Q2) Who has been ordered by Bangladesh High Court to make Bangladesh national slogan?

a) Joy Bangla

b) Hamara bangla

c) Indian Bengali

d) Veer Bangla

Q3) When was world kidney day celebrated?

a) 10 March

b) 11 March

c) 12 March

d) 13 March

Q4) Phone Pay tied up with which bank to facilitate UPI transactions?

a) Yes Bank


c) Syndicate Bank


Q5) Which was the top country in favoring women against UNDP’s Gender Social Norms Index 2020‘?

a) Qatar 

b) Saudi Arab

c) India

d) Pakistan

Q6) Which state government started digital literacy campaign ‘Bhi Digital Am’?

a) Karnatak

b) New Delhi

c) Kerala

d) Tamil Nadu

Q7) Which state celebrated the ‘Fagli’ festival?

a) Assam

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Uttarakhand

d) Arunachal Pradesh

Q8) Where 6th International Yoga Day will be organized this year?

a) Jammu

b) New Delhi

c) Leh

d) Lucknow

Q9) ICC launched which campaign to promote women cricket

a) 100% cricket

b) Woman Cricket

c) Cricket for all

d) Cricket for women

Q10) Where is the ‘Wings India 2020’ program being organized?

a) Jaipur

b) Ranchi

c) New Delhi

d) Hyderabad

Q11) According to the UNCTAD report, how many% of global FDI inflow has declined due to coronavirus

a) 5 %

b) 10 %

c) 15 %

d) 20 %

Q12) Who won the ‘hero I league’ football tournament?

a) Mohan Bagan FC

b) Goa FC

c) Aizawl FC

d) Jammu FC Q

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