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Objective environment and ecology book - Exam-Strategy
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Objective environment and ecology book

Environment and Ecology, in recent times, make up for vital discourses in the world. Consequently, this subject has become an important portion of the Civil Services Preliminary Examination as well. Designed for the aspirants of the Civil Services prelims, this book contains a collection of over 800 objective questions that aims to provide a factual knowledge on all the portions covered in this subject.

For the complete understanding of the subject, this book comprises of six broad parts—Ecology, environment and disaster management, environment and landforms, ecology and ethnic groups, environment and resources, miscellaneous topics and past years’ questions on Environment and Ecology. For the further understanding of the students, these broad portions have been divided yet again into 28 chapters with proper illustrations and pictures wherever needed.

Published on 2016 by Access publishing, this book has been designed according to the latest syllabus of the Civil Services, and may come in handy for the aspirants of other competitive examinations as well.

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