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Naveen Ankganit (Hindi)

Naveen Ankganit has been one of the most popular and acceptable books for students appearing for different competitive examinations. However, since there have been some changes in the syllabi of these examinations, like incorporation of advance mathematics, there was a need to come out with a revised edition of this book. Based on the latest pattern of examinations, the book now includes separate chapters on Fractions, Histograms, Coordinate Geometry and Prism and Pyramids.
Key Features :
It has more than 3800 questions (supported with answers and solutions).
With close to 6000 solved examples/problems, the concepts explained are very easy to follow.
Based on the latest pattern and trend in examinations.
The book now includes 4 new chapters like Fractions, Histograms, Coordinate Geometry and Prism and Pyramids.
A separate section with additional questions and their solutions added.
Table of Content:
Part-I: Arithmetic Ability
Number System H.C.F. and L.C.M. Decimal Fractions Simplification Square Root and Cube Root Average Problems on Numbers Problems on Ages Surds and Indices Percentage Profit and Loss Ratio and Proportion Partnership Compound Proportion Time and Work Pipes and Cisterns Time and Distance Problems on Trains Boats and Streams Alligation and Mixture Simple Interest Compound Interest Area Volume of Solids Races Calendar Clocks Stock and Shares True Discount Banker’s Discount Algebra Linear Equations in two Variables Quadratic Equations Trigonometry Lines and Angles Triangles Quadrilaterals Circles Polygons
PART-II: Analysis of data
Tabulation Bar-Graphs Line-Graphs Pie-Chart
Part-III: General Awareness
Number Series
Part-IV: Miscellaneous Topics
Fractions Histograms Co-ordinate Geometry Prisms and Pyramids
Additional Questions with Answers.

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