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Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic - Exam-Strategy
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Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

1. ‘Fast Track Objective Arithmetic’ – best seller since its first edition
2. It covers all the necessary elements required to master the Arithmetic concepts
3. It has level graded exercise namely; Base Level & Higher Skill Level
4. It has perfect compilation of basic concepts & short tricks to solve various problems
5. This new edition gives coverage of all exam questions, new types of questions and tricks.

Here comes the Best Seller! Since its first edition in 2012, Fast Track Objective Arithmetic has been great architect for building and enhancing Aptitude skills in lakhs of aspirant across the country.

The first book of its kind has all the necessary elements required to master the concepts of Arithmetic through Level Graded Exercises, namely Base Level & Higher Skill Level. Comprehensively covering the syllabus of almost all competitive examinations like, RBI, SBI, IBPS PO, SSC, LIC, CDS, UPSC, Management and all other Entrance Recruitment and Aptitude Test, the books has perfect compilation of Basic Concepts & Short Tricks to solve different types of Arithmetical problems. Unlike before, this completely revised 2018 edition promises to be more beneficial than the older ones. With up to date coverage of all exam questions, new types of questions and tricks, the thoroughly checked error free edition will ensure Complete Command over the subject and help you succeed in the examinations.

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