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₹250 Canva Pro Lifetime Subscription Invitation on Your Existing Private Canva Account

For Rupees 250 you will get Canva Pro LifeTime Education Invitation + On Your Existing Canva Account !

Stop using monthly expiring poor shitt! :face_vomiting: Get yourself a decent LifeTime Pro Subscription like this! :relieved:

Your account will remain PRO until I get myself a Ferrari! :pleading_face: Then who gives a shitt selling this for cheap! :japanese_goblin:


PRO Subscription will be there for Lifetime on your account.

It is Being desirous for providing more high-quality products & we are confident to guarantee that this lasts lifetime.

What I need from you to process order?

You’ll just need to send me your email address with payment on below payment link and I will send you an email with invitation to upgrade your account to Canva Pro.

What you “WILL” get!

A lifetime subscription via Invitation on your existing Canva account with access to all templates and all the features to make great graphics. Can be used for personal work or also to make gigs on Fiverr and get paid for it! :nerd_face:


Q: I don’t have an exisiting Canva account?
A: Inorder to send Invitation we will need an existing account, incase you don’t have it, better create one, it take hardly 2 mins to create! :baby:

Q: Does this service really have 0% kick rate?
A: Yes, 100%, I guarantee that you won’t get kicked. :smirk:

Q: What if something goes wrong?
A: A lifetime warranty means that I will always replace if something happens as long our shop is up. :woman_shrugging:

Q: Can anything happen to my existing Canva account?
: No, nothing will happen. :dizzy_face: :gun:

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